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How can I get the customer “service “ team to respond to the question asked?

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Having had good service from TPG at my previous house, I contacted them again to install NBN internet at my new unit when I was in the process of returning to Australia.


my experience has been an absolute nightmare with well meaning call Centre staff inadequately trained and supervised.


in summary: 2/10/19 - received advice that my order had been received     
                    3/10/19 - full start up cost debited from my bank account

                    10/10/19 - advised that installation would be on 15/10/19

                     10/10/19 - tried three times to reschedule using link on email

                    10/10/19 - sent an email to advise that link did not work and needed to

change the date because we would not be in Australia until 17/10/19

                     11/10/19 - received advice that a shipment had been sent to our address

                     11/ 10/19 - immediately responded that there would be no one there to receive it

                      12/10/19 - received an odd email containing details of the order which turned out to be a phishing email . I was then unable to use my email account to send emails for several days

                       16/10/19 - after several more emails installation scheduled for 23/10/19

                        17/10 - 19/10 - sent four emails asking how we could retrieve the modem and apart from auto acknowledgment had no response 

                         21/10/19 - received an email advising that the package had bee returned to sender because of "invalid address". And that I had to pay $10 for redelivery. Rather than argue that I shouldn't have to pay for TPG's mistake in ignoring my advice, I said ok

                         21/10/19 - no response so called from the USA and spent nearly an hour on the phone retelling the whole story - provided full personal details for my wife so she could give instructions and also advised we had a new Australian phone number. This was all supposed to be recorded. Was advised that everything would be done to get the modem there in time for installation.

                          23/10/19 - installation took place but no modem

                          23/10/19 - my wife called to check and again after nearly an hour on the phone retelling the whole story was told they had no records of her being able to give instructions on the account. Eventually, was told that the modem would be despatched urgently and would be received on 25/10/19.

                            24/10/19 - received an email asking me to turn on the non existent modem

                           25/10/19 - my wife waited at home all day and no delivery. Called customer "service " and again had to repeat the whole story - after nearly an hour of which 30 mins on hold - was told "the warehouse is closed on the weekend" and no idea when the modem would sent.

                            25/10/19 I sent an email advising my annoyance at this appalling service and instructed that no modem be sent as we would be overseas again from the 28th. I would use my own modem.

                             30/10/19 - in response I  received advice that a modem had been sent on 30/10/19

                             30/10/19 - received startrack advice of shipment with reference number. When plugged in website said shipment didn't exist

                              31/10/19 - sent an email asking why my direction had been ignored

                               1/11/19  - received an email saying my account had been debited and after "clearance" of 3 or 4 days a modem would be sent.


so after 3 weeks of back and forth - 18 emails and 3 hours on the phone dealing with up to 9 different people I still do not have a modem and have contradictory information on what is going on



Hi @iwing5033 ,


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We were able to pull up your account using your community details.


Your recent experience definitely sounds not good and I'm very sorry to read that this has occurred. We understand your frustrations and we are committed to having this resolved as soon as possible for you.


Kindly PM to us your best contact number and preferred time to be contacted to discuss this matter further.


We'll be waiting for your response.


Best regards!