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How do I setup the phone on vr1600v?

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I've got this modem tpg sends me with no instructions whatsoever. Finally online, but there is no phone and nothing about it in the modem, and nowhere are there instructions or SIP settings or anything on TPG?

Does the modem actually support the nbn fixed wireless or have they sent me the wrong one?

The phone is apparently activated along with the internet, soooooo???


Hi @russvine,


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The handset should be connected to the Phone 1 of the TPLink modem/router that we sent. The instruction was sent via email on the 23rd of November 2017 with a Subject line "TPG NBN Bundle Service ACTIVE (#####)".


Keep us posted if it's still not working and we will arrange a call from our Tech team.



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If this was all it took then I would obviously be on the phone and not asking.

I live in a mobile blackspot and have no reception, so you cannot call, my mobile.

Obviously the setup instructions are either lacking or the setup is faulty because there is no voip. So you cannot call that way. 

Any other suggestions?


Hi @russvine,


Good news! this modem is already pre-configured you just need to connect it and it should be good to go.


Please see pictures below.


Connect your telephone handset to the Phone1 port on the back of your modem

Hope this help.


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