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How do i connect my Asus RT-AC68U to TPG NBN 50 HCF

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Hi TPG Crowd!

I made a recent purchase of the Asus RT-AC68U for better nbn speeds but i can get it to work i have tried everything online but nothing works please can u help

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You might want to read this:


The above is for connecting your Asus directly to the NBN box, I believe.


To use it as secondary router, try this:

1. Change your Asus RT-AC68U to have a default gateway of (this is to access your modem settings)

2. Try to see if the subnet mask matches the TPG supplied modem (should be

3. Disable DHCP on your Asus modem.

4. Disable UPnP if it is an option.

5. Connect both routers LAN to LAN.