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How long do I have to wait?

Level 3
I refer to my first message on 2/4/20 : "Hi, My customer id is 6781127. I received nbn connection box and router 3 days ago and started connecting every thing according to instruction and turn power on. My nbn connection box is red in light for connection. DSL is flashing blue. And no light in LAN. There is absolutely no internet. Please help me finish this installation; activate nbn or sending in a technician. We desperately need to use internet as we work at home. Thanks." I waited for 2 days with no internet to use..... And I don't get any reply here.
Yesterday I received sms telling me that my NBN service is waiting activation and asked me to connect modem. Today I reconnected every things at 9 am. At this moment 6.30 pm, there is still no nbn connection; still red flashing light for connection. How long do I have to wait? Will there be anyone from TPG ever talked to me or only automatic messages? I can't ring for any support. Often I have important matters needing to use internet and still no NBN I am going to plug in my ADSL again soon.
Level 15

Flashing red - nbn box can't send power to a copper/fibre interface box out in the street.

You should reply negatively to the sms if you can.

Reconnect your ADSL and see if it still works.