How stupid is TPG

Level 2
I sent a note to set up NBN at my rebuilt house. Tpg, immediately cancelled by current service when transfer date 8th of May. Also queried why my modem not on at new address, probably because we are not there and there is no connection to the house. It was demolished. Tpg sent me note saying they wouldn't cancel my current service today. They had already cancelled it at 12.43am Thursday morning. I can't work properly from home, noting Covid 19. My children won't be able to go to school. No-one will live chat or answer my calls. My emails are unanswered. My children are distraught and my beautiful wife beside herself. We have been a customer for over ten years. What is wrong with TPG, right hand doesn't know what left hand does. How can a service provider not know that there is no connection to a house and move service without consultation. Ombudsmen extremely disappointed but not surprised. I will look to get service cancelled and get new provider, terrible being loyal when treated like **.
Can't believe how I'm being treated. Shocking, illegal and unsatisfactory noting emails from TPG confirm this. Not sure how a company can be this negligent. Will address compensation once I find out whether I'm still employed. Disgraceful at best, criminal at worst.