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How to use Archer VR1600v as a just a modem?

Level 1a

I was provided with the Archer VR1600v when I first signed with NBN TPG. I would like to use the VR1600V as just a modem and connect my TP-Link Archer AX10 AX1500 as the router. However I am having touble with doing so. I followed some instructions found in the tpg community forum to bridge the VR1600V. I have now got internet on the AX10 and it is running normally as a router.However the VR1600V is still working normall aswell. Should this be happening and will it affect the performance of the new router (AX10).


Hi @renzo123,

We made an article that will help you on how to turn on bridge mode for TP Link 1600v. Please see this link.


Let me know how it will go.