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I haven't received service for more than a month (TPG NBN serial number mismatch)


Hi @oliviaham0907, the case manager tried to contact you, but to no avail. Please provide us your availability so we can advise the team to process a callback. Thank you.

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Hi @Riezl,
Every time my case manager tried to call me, no call record or disconnection occurred before I answered the calls.
So I've already asked and left a number of messages to my case manager to reach out to me via email whenever I called back to TPG. All the TPG staffs I talked with have confirmed me that the case manager will provide me any update via email.
But, it never happened.
So, I even wrote a post to request provision for update via email or sms.

The post in this thread on 20 September by TPG as below:
"We'll chase this with our Service delivery team and will make sure that your case manager will provide you an update via SMS or email once they weren't able to reach you via phone call."

In addition, I contacted to TPG for an update, and the update was supposed to be provided via email by Thursday (26 Sep) afternoon.
No update has been provided.

I don't even know who the case manager assigned to my case by now as I've talked to other TPG staffs due to her/his unavailability whenever I called to TPG.

Please provide me any UPDATE via EMAIL within promised date and time.

Moreover, I also don't understand how come it takes this long time to deal with only one issue.
I've spent a lot of time to contact to TPG for updates. Really hope the issue is solved asap.

We have forwarded your concern to our Provisioning Team and we will continue to monitor this to ensure that an update will be provided via email within the day.


We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.


Hi @oliviaham0907, we can see that the case manager sent you an email.


Please be advised that the NTD Serial Number Mismatch issue is still under investigation.

According to NBN Co, the Letter from the Council can't be accepted as a valid Proof of Occupancy Document.


It was also advised that the Gas Energy Bill provided reflects a different address.


Kindly send us a valid Proof of Occupancy Document:


Valid Proof of Occupancy Document Criteria:


A Proof of Occupancy Document (POD), must show the end user's name and full address, as a serviced address, and not just a mailing address.

Acceptable documents for a POD include:


- Fixed utility bills (water, electricity or gas).
- An insurance document, specific to the address (e.g. Business or Home & Contents)
- Certificate of Title of the land
- Council Rates notice
- A signed Lease agreement


Also, we will need you to send us a clear photo of the NTD box showing the Serial Number which starts at ALCLF....


You may reply to the case manager's email or you can also send us a PM here so we can forward it to the team. Thank you.


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Hi @Riezl,

Thanks for the update. I received the email and replied it.


As I signed the off-the-plan contract, and the address of my property was changed when it was registered.  The signed contract of sale was attached in my previous email sent to at 3:32 PM on 25 Sep. I do not know why the gas bill is used as proof of occupancy document instead of the contract of sale.


In addition, I replied the email you mensioned above with more details of the situation, and additional supporting documents are also attached to prove that I am the owner of this property.


Please refer to the email I replied to at 11:53 AM today. All the details and supporting documents are attached in the email. And please update me via email again when you check my email.


Thank you.


Hi @oliviaham0907,


Our Provisioning team has received your email and likewise responded to it.


The case was escalated to NBN Co and your case manager will be in touch with you once an update is available.


Your experience is important to us and we will be keeping a close eye on your matter and will provide you with updates where possible.




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It's been more than 2 months without internet connection, and nothing has been changed.

I can't trust the TPG service team anymore. How is it possible to take this long time to fix just one simple issue?
Whatever the reason is, this is unacceptable, and the promised timeline has been never kept again and again.
I am sure that TPG service team will contact me and promise me that the issue will be solved within some business days as they used to. Then, I would need to wait another month.

As a long time customer since 2013, I am really disappointed the way TPG deals with their customer and lost trust in their service quality.

I will join Telstra NBN tomorrow, and see if it takes more than 2 months.

For TPG service team, if you have anything to contact me, please contact me via email. NO PHONE CALLS.

We can't apologise enough for the inconvenience this has caused @oliviaham0907.


We'll chase this with our Provisioning team and have someone to contact you within the day via Email to discuss the update from NBN Co.



Level 2
I request a cancellation of the contract including remaining periods and a full refund of the payments for unprovided services.

I've spent a lot of time and money that would not be wasted if service was properly provided.

No further discussion is required. Please proceed it asap. And please provide me all required documents for cancellation and refund via EMAIL.

I can't answer the phone, so please contact me via EMAIL.

We are sorry that you have decided to cancel the service, @oliviaham0907.

We have forwarded your message to our Provisioning Team and they will be in touch via email to discuss the concerns raised.