Installation Time

Level 2
I have moved home, and requested a transfer of my internet connection 3 weeks ago. When I search the status of our installation it continues to say pending “we will keep you updated”, however we have received no correspondence. We have called customer support multiple times and have not been given a clear timeframe or response. We are now up over $150 in mobile data expenses just so we can have any form of internet in our home.

Transferring a connection is a 5 minute job. Why has it not happened yet? Where is the correspondence letting us know the progress? How can I ensure that I am not charged for this month where I have not had connection to an internet service?

Any support is greatly appreciated. I’ve been a TPG customer for over 6 years, I’m almost ready to seek another provider if this is not resolved soon.

Thank you.

Hi @SamMas, let's have your account details via private message so we can look into your account and see where things at with your installation.