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Installation appointment

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When I called TPG, I was advised that an appointment was made for my installation for next Friday. I am yet to receive any information in regards to this, or if someone needs to be home or not. I have made multiple calls in regards to getting connected over the last 2 weeks, but still don't have the information I require.

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Ho @Cuddly, you should normally receive an email and an SMS confirming your install date and whether you need to be home. You can also check your install date and whether you need to be home at - what does it say when you enter your username there?

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When I checked online, it just says that my installation is progressing, and I will be kept informed.
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@ Cuddly


Just be patient! Things in TPG only seem to move at snail's pace, I'm still waiting for my service.

I had my NBNco HFC connection box installed and was told then, that the service was to be "activated in a couple of days". That was 8 and a half weeks ago. Since then, after a number of emails and telephone calls, I received a text message three days ago to contact them and that the problem was a "technical issue" and required an on-site investigation and fix, by a NBN technician. That was to occur yesterday.

It was stated that I was not required to be at home for that, as it would be external only, and not involve coming inside my premises. Athough I have not sat at my front window to watch out, all day yesterday, and to-day, I have not seen anyone here outside. That's not to say that nobody had been around, but right now, the led lights on the Connetion Box, still show that the service has not yet been activated. Neither have I, so far, had any advise from TPG as to the results of the investigation and/or fix.

However, there is always a tomorrow.

Cheers all.