Installation process

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I really want to cancel the contract because I am not happy with your nbn installation process. I moved in 8th of Feb and till now, I haven’t got any service. Additionally we need to pay for nbn fee without using nbn.

My installation process has been sent to case manager as my property needed permission for drilling process.
It took ages to reschedule as your service was not answering the phone. Also, even though they picked up the phone, I should wait for more than 30mins as they transferred me to case manager.
Finally I rescheduled it to 3rd of March.

Today, I and my husband were waiting but technician did not turned up. I was so upset about this service. Now I need to wait till 10th of March and stay at home 1-5pm again as we do not know when they are coming.

I do not want to waste my time and money again. I want installation as soon as possible. If not, we just want to cancel.
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It seems that NBN is drowning right now because of the recent bushfires and heavy downpour in the last few weeks resulting in multiple outages nationwide. On top of that it seems that you will also need some sort of permission from the land lord or building management. From the looks of it wherever you go the other RSP’s are experiencing the same issues, I would recommend that you get some sort of update from your case manager and secure any drilling permission in advance.

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The first schedule was 18th of Feb. I already got permission on 20th. It was really hard to reschedule as you were not answering. Finally got the installation day 3rd of March, yesterday. And no one did turn up. Then they rescheduled me to 10th of March. That is why I am so upset for your service.

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For customers who would like to check the status of their service installation/activation, we have created this community article, which contains a video on How to track your TPG service installation


We also send an Email notification to our customers to inform them about the scheduled installation and if their attendance is required.


In your case, our wholesaler (NBN Co) advised us that they weren't able to complete the installation due to technician capacity issues and requires to reschedule the NBN tech visit to finish the installation of your service. Your case manager tried to call you today to no avail and sent you an Email with the earliest NBN technician schedule available.


Further updates will be given by your case manager once available.