Internet conactions

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Had a power outage a few weeks ago, when the power came on no internet on certain devices. TPG sent a new modem. Internet working again,  however still can't connect printer and certain websites keep coming up "Requested URL was rejected"  Been trying TPG tech service for a few days but no reply.


Hi @Bill53 


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Did you try to connect your new printer to your new home network, since there's a new modem/router?

If yes, what is the error message that it gives you? What is the brand name/model of the printer that you are using?


If no, then try to connect to the new WiFi network. You may delete the old network that is saved to the printer to avoid confusion.



“The requested URL was rejected error” can be due to broken, or corrupted, cookies. Try to clear the browsing history and cache of your browser or use another browser for testing.


Let us know how it goes.