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netgear D6220 nbn fttc no connection

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Hi, I want to use my own router, Netgear D6220 but I can't connect internet with the router.


I can connect internet with tp-link router but I don't want to use it because it is often automatically on and off.


Could you help how to set up the netgear D6220 router? I have used this router before when I used adsl+ and nbn by telstra.




Hi @hyoolee3 


In setting a third party modem/router, the bundled VoIP phone will not work since the setting is embedded in the modem firmware.


Since your NBN technology is FTTC, the NCD needs to be connected to your modem/router's WAN port.


Once connected, you need to change the device mode of your Netgear to 'Router only'.


To do that, you need to go to "Advance", then look for "Advance setup" then click on "Device Mode". Save or apply the changes.


Once done, reconfigure it to PPPoE and typed in the correct Username and Password.



Using a third party device, it may or may not work with the service.


Keep us posted on what will happen.




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I tried to set 'router only' but there is 'modem only' and I tried to set both 'modem only' and 'modem + router' but I couldn't connect to nbn...tpg4.PNG


Hi @hyoolee3,


Thanks for the update.


Here's the step by step required broadband settings.


- Any Mode/Modulation/Interface setting should be set to Ethernet or WAN.
- The WAN Type/Connection Type/Encapsulation setting should be set to PPPoE. You'll also need to enter your broadband username and password.
- The VLAN or VLAN ID setting must be set to 2. In some modem settings, you may need to select the VLAN networking standard



We don't have any information on where to find this on your modem, but you may contact Netgear support for further guidance.




Level 1a
Hi there, have you succeeded in setting up your D6220 ?
Thank you.