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Internet drops out remote devices

Level 3
I am constantly getting drop outs of internet. It is only on the remote devices but they include my pc.
I already have a ticket# which closed saying it was resolved. It has NOT been resolved. Please open the ticket 9330595 and fix it thnx
Level 8

Hi @hammer what are you refering to when you say 'remote devices'? Do you mean devices connected by Wi-Fi?

Level 3

Yes - I mean wireless devices connected via wi-fi.


The cabled devices, such as fetch tv/foxtel work.  Wi-fi does not.


The do come up again for a while if I turn the modem and nbn box on and off in sequence.   But the connection only lasts an hour or so.


I feel I am paying for a service that you cannot delvier.


Hi @hammer,


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WiFi connection is prone to signal interference which may cause the internet dropouts, slow speed or total loss of internet connection.


We have an article which will guide you on how to improve your home WiFi network. Check this link.


May we also know if how many times do you turn Off and On the modem if the issue occurs?


Kind regards,


Level 3

First I switch off the TP link modem.  Then I power off the NBN box from the power supply.


I wait for 30 secs or more, then power on the NBN box.  I wait until the lights are on solid (except the top light which does not light up).

Then I switch the TP Link modem back on.


Normally, the TP link modem lights come up and the wi fi internet connection comes back on.


Today, I rang the support line and had to reset the TP Link modem by inserting something into the RESET hole.

This worked, and at the moment I am back online.

I have to monitor to see how long the connection lasts.  


Thank you for the update @hammer.


Please observe your connection and don't hesitate to contact us should you require further assistance or call our tech team for real time support.


Kind regards,