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Internet light does not come on - new NBN connection

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NBN and router installed yesterday, all 4 lights on NBN box on constantly so thats fine, but with the router, i got the email saying to switch the modem on to get on to the internet but nothing progresses from there, the internet light never comes on. The power light is on, 2.4G light is on, 5G light is on, WAN light is on, LAN1 light is on, but nothing else has happened, the computer doesnt seem to have recognised the modem at all. the only message i get in Windows 10 is that Windows doesnt recognise the proxy address.


Thanks for any help

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should i try resetting the nbn box? it seems that the router has not been through its downloading info stage from the nbn, from what i can gather is supposed to happen. but the 'internet' has not come on once, not even flickered, and it has been on all day, have restarted it numerous times, nothing.

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All looks to be ok! I resetted first the NBN, then the router, and bingo the 'Internet' light came on and internet is now working fine. Now just have to attatch the phone and see if it works.


Hi @ncf1,


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We're able to locate your account using your community details and confirmed that the service has been activated and currently connected for 6h 4m.


We also like to inform you that the porting of your home phone has been completed today.



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thanks Shane, cheers


You're always welcome @ncf1. Cheers!