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Internet or wifi issue since 12 August 2022

Level 2

I have have a NBN Business Cable XL Bundle Superfast plan with static IP  (PPPoE ADSL2+ Static IP)


NBN HFC connection into the house.


NBN has full lights appearing on the box

Ethernet cable is plugged into the wireless router and it is showing Internet as being connected.

Wireless router is TP-Link AX1800 with PPPoE. Logged into tpg account ok and set up custom VLAN options.

VLAN ID 2 and priority 0.


Connection to wifi is intermitted. Some websites load, such as TPG and TheAGe newspaper. But I can't get google search or google mail to work and most websites I normally can connect to with no problem

This all started happening on the morning of Friday 12 August.


When this started to happen, I started to think it was the wireless router with the issue. So before the TP-Link wireless router, I was using a D-Link DSL-2888A wireless router and performed factory reset and reset all the PPPoE settings and VLAN settings again. Flashing up like internet is connected ok. But wifi is not ok.

SO I went to office works over the weekend bough the TP-LInk AX1800 wireless router and I am experiencing the same wifi issues.


Plugging the ethernet cable directly into a laptop isn't working properly either.

SO now I am starting to think it is an NBN HFC issue. My power has been cutting out lately. The circuit breaker cutting off half the power in the house.

I'm thinking i need someone to come and check the NBN Cabling. I can't think of any settings I have missed on the wireless router setup.


Please help!


Hi @therains


We'd like to look into your account and run some tests.

Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.