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Is TPG going out of business ?

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They've removed phone operators, online chat is not being responded to, no community responses. Nothing. No support service what so ever. None. I cant for the life of me get a response to a simple service request that whilst unresolved sees me paying for a service TPG cant/wont deliver.


For me, its time to stop bank deductions, cancel, and get the hell out. 

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You’re not alone. I am dealing with the same. Paying for a service that isn’t even being delivered. I’m considering switching provides now too after 36 days of no internet and no help
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I'm in the same hellish predicament. I moved house and have been with TPG for years but now I can't get anyone to respond to the move/activation request at my new place. The online chat is hopeless; if you're not there to respond the instant someone opens the chat, they'll just close the window. I've been through that several times, even leaving messages BEGGING them to please read what I've said and not to close it or transfer me, but they just do it anyway. I posted a screen capture of them doing this to another thread, and the moderator here removed it and marked it as spam. We can't have any negative feedback at TPG, now can we?! If I'm not connected by Monday then I'm out. TPG is supposed to be the third biggest ISP in Australia with ambitions of growing more (via Vodafone) but this corona virus "stop work" scenario must be bringing the company to its knees because it's showing.




@gscott04, we have received your message and we have likewise replied to it. We'll wait for your response with the details.We are getting a lot of queries at the moment and we understand that some get frustrated due to the long wait times.


@mikaelagrinter, we can see that your service has been installed and activated and it shows up and running now.


@mfearby, we have located the account using your community details and we can see that your concern has been raised to our Complaints Resolution Team. For immediate assistance, you may contact the Complaints Resolution Case Manager via return mail.


We are getting a lot of queries at the moment and we understand that some get frustrated due to the long wait times.


In light of the recent happenings due to the COVID19 outbreak, TPG's telephone support team members are transitioning to work from home set-up to lessen the exposure and chance of contracting the virus.


Nevertheless, we are committed to responding to all queries via all possible means as quickly as possible.


We really appreciate your patience during this time.


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Level 3

I would be interesting to know why the installation rescheduling service is not working, are there no technicians still working?