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Gidday. I lost my phone, creditcard and D/licence is been a horrible week. I have two different company NBN conections and the TPG Sim mobile for one of them. I have tried to report the phone lost but you cant ID me as Im not an autrorized user as its in a company name. Yet you will discuss the account after asking my name address etc. The situation is now truly rediculous as your phone help do not have the ability to change my number but will update my credit card details for payment (good for you but I don't have a card yet). A new credit card is soon on its way but..


As you wont replace the SIM (You charge $10 but we havent gotten that far yet as how to pay) as you dont know who owns the company but will accept my Name etc I cant log into my NBN as the ph number is sent a confirmation number which obvioulsy I wont be getting. 

So it appears you will open a Company NBN not knowing who owns it. You sent a privacy form link to the phone.....cute.

Eventually you sent the link it to a replacement phone after being advising the alternative number. The phone is old as I can't buy yet a new one as I have no new credit card this phone does not do browser, just text. The link was forwarded to my daughters phone and you accepted my email advise for this. A passport and a Livery video was sent. Your reference number is 06291238. I have sent many emails and it appears that Im not an Authorized user you do not have one recorded. I wonder who for the last 3 years opened the account and why you Identify me before you discuss that you cant change a simple contact number.


You then requested :

> • Customer's Account Number or Username
> • Mobile number and the delivery address for SIM replacement
> • Request letter with the company letterhead indicating your request to amend/add information on the TPG account

> Please also confirm if you want your name to be added as an Authorised user to the TPG account.



I have sent this and now wait another two days..


In a nutshell the process started A week ago I dont have any confirmation you stoped the sim.

I cant log into my accounts without a TXT code.

You wont update the phone number.

Your staff do not have authority to change it.


The Irony is I've been using TPG for maybe 15yrs, I opened the NBN and each contact you ask MY name etc before talking, you fail to understand the phone is lost and all the links and codes are being sent to it.

Shortly my credit card payments for the Mobile, NBN and 2nd NBN will be rejected as the card is yet to be replaced. You will stop service, my self hosted email will stop along with my online store, then you will chase payment and default the company making it impossible to get a phone or future Internet and new suppliers.


Is there an actual person who can see a way to change my phone number on my two company accounts before this happens?


In contrast this morning Amaysim on learning that I do not have a vaild credit card yet placed credit on the phone at there own expense so that I might be at least called.


The lesson I have learned here is not to have a phone with a compant without a shop front, not to put all my chickens in one basket.


As I type this your txt respose to this mornings call it to goto my account for info and payment....

We will send a code to your mobile number 04XX XXX 143. Please enter your code to verify your identity.

Of course.... this is the lost phone.




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Hi @GodHelpMe 


We'd like to have a better understanding of the situation and see what we can arrange for you.


Kindly send us a private message with your account details.