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Modem won't connect to internet

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I have just successfully set up NBNtm FTTC and have received the message for activating NBN service. I set up the new modem, and all the the power, internet, 2.4GHz, 5GHz and WAN's green lights are on but it still won't connect to internet.
When I tried to connect my phone to the WiFi, it was connected but the screen kept showing "Your newly installed broadband equipment is waiting to be automatically configured."
I have waited for 30 minutes, but the WiFi still wouldn't work.
I have also tried to reboot, plug and unplug, reset, the modem and wait for another 30 minutes, but the screen still showed the same thing and it still wouldn't connect to the internet. It's been 12 hours but it hasn't been configured yet.
Please help me with this matter.
Level 2
Hi David64,

Thanks a lot for the help.
It helped a lot.
I tried to manually configure it as per the guide in the link and it did work.