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I’m moving house soon with my flatmate however the nbn box in the new house is in his room does the router modem need to be connected in there too or can I put it somehow in my room ?

Hi @pogah1985


The installer will discuss what will happen on the day of installation. The tech will normally choose the socket nearest to the node or line outside. 


 If there's a need to transfer or activate another socket, a private tech may be suggested. Any chance you can PM the address so we can also check what type of NBN technology is going to be used? 




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Hi @pogah1985 . Seems like you have already seen the new house and know where the NBN outlet is. You can try the following yourself; it will be cheaper. Otherwise, you will need a cabler to move the outlet.

If the new house has the black HFC box, it is better to leave it as is. You can run a longer CAT6 ethernet cable around the edge of the room to where the router is in the other room. Secure the cable to the wall to keep it in place. Same applies it you have FTTP.

If the new house has the white FTTC box, you can use a longer telephone cable from the wall socket to the FTTC box. Then connect the router.