Moved House HFC

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I just read about the current delays in equipment but my issue is I already had my NBN box delivered to me.


Can someone please elaborate as to what the shortage is? If it's with the NBN box itself, since mine arrived shouldn't my connection be easy peasy? 


For some background, just moved into a brand new apartment maybe two streets away from my last one. It's been about a fortnight since I lodged the original move home request. My NBN box has been plugged in and blinking away for several days.


Been trying to call or organise a case worker to call me back. Thus far to no avail, no one has rung and when I wait on hold I get transferred to a machine and it hangs up on me haha


Mucho appreciate the help folks

Can someone pretty please, with sugar on top, let me know the reality on how long this is going to take considering I have all the equipment?


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi @mmam8487 


Welcome to the Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and checked the status of your NBN service relocation.

We were advised by NBN Co to make sure that the NBN NTD box (ARRIS) is On and connected. You may refer to the setup here: New Connection Setup Help


We'll chase the activation with our NBN service delivery team and have someone to be in touch with you before 9PM today.


Thank you.