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So I’ve just recently moved house and have been nothing but stuffed over the passed 5 days I need internet now, the problem I’m having is I can not find a phone wall socket in the house to save my life there is only an Ethernet port which looks very familiar but I know it’s not a phone port as it has 8 wires up the top not 4 like an rj11, I do not have the nbn box anymore as it had to be left at the old place but tpg on the phone said that’s not a problem and to just connect my vr1600v modem into the wall from dsl slot using phone line which I can’t without a phone port, to say the least I’m going mad and have used an excess of 10gb ($100) of mobile data just to study and do my job. The previous tenants did have nbn set up here I’m just confued how and have no contact with them, any help would be greatly appreciated as they aren’t taking my calls anymore and I got hung up on after sitting on hold for 35 minutes! My email is if you would like photos as it won’t let me post them here cheers.

Hi @Gilchrist4


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and understand that you've reached our Tech team yesterday to raise the case.


They've escalated it to our Engineering team, then you were able to get the connection to work.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.