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Moving from FTTB to NBN HFC

Level 2

I'm moving from an apartment with fttb, to what looks to be hfc. There is an Arris CM8200B installed at the premises.


I have been trying to get tpg to connect me to the NBN but I am getting nowhere.

They have forwarded an email from NBN which makes little sense to me (see below).  I have provided the information I have to TPG (the serial number of the NTD which is printed on the NTD in the apartment) which according to them is aparently not the correct one that they are looking for. This is what i have though. I'm not sure what i can do about this. There seems to be an expectation from TPG that i should know what NBN need to get this connected.

I am running out of time before i move and i really want this sorted before I get there.

Dear ******,

Thank you for your recent inquiry with TPG.

Below is the response from NBN CO regarding your relocation to the new address *******************

NBN Network & Service Operations
18/11/2020 04:47 AEDT

    Hi Team,

    Please mark correct location on attached floor plan and help us with the updated floor plan along with highlighted requested address on it.

    Please confirm if its new addition or subdivision of any address and help us with the NTD number that starts with ALCLF... or PCD number (starts with 2MOS-63-01-PCD-0305 ) installed at the location.
    Also help us with the snip of letter box where */*** street number is verified.

    send email to address,

    Please note that standard rules will apply if there is no response received in 5 business days then the ticket will be closed off.

    Thank You,
    NBN Co


Hi @real 


Thanks for raising this with us.

We understand that this case has been raised to our Customer relations team and a case manager has been in touch with you via Email.

This has been escalated to NBN Co for further investigation and updates will be given as soon as it becomes available.



Level 2

A case manager has contacted me to say that the serial number i have provided from the NTD is not correct as it starts with the wrong number.

A picture was included by the case manager showing what the NTD looks like and where i would find the correct serial number. That picture was for what appears to be a FTTP NTD.

The NTD I have in the apartment, the one i sent a picture of to the case manager showing the serial number, would appear to be for HFC. 
I can't provide a serial number for an FTTP NTD i do not have, for a service i also do not have.
Can someone explain why I am being asked repeatedly to provide a serial number for an FTTP NTD when I have repeatedly explained what is present?
Why has the moving home check installation progress not able to be displayed? I have been trying to get this done for so long, there should be something in the system that i can track.

Can you tell me what exactly has been escalated to the NBN Co?


Hi @real 


We understand that your case manager responded to your Email.

They've advised that your new address is not listed in the NBN database, which is why they need to escalate it with NBN Co. However, they need some information from you.

Please respond to your case manager with the requested information that they listed.



Level 2

I understand what the problem with the address was and i've done everything possible to help you sort this out.  However, tpg has taken 10 days so far and we're no further along. tpg have sent through increasingly meaningless emails, with missing attachments, asking for information that is unexplained and incomprehensible.


The information the case manager claims he is waiting for has already been sent to him. He emailed since i sent it to him, telling me that once he recieves the information (that he already recieved) he can open a new ticket with nbn co and that can take a further 10 days. 

btw, i called aussie broadband today and within 3 hours of the call my connection at the new place was apparently up and running.


I've emailed the case manager again and told him to just cancel the service as per the email. No response


Make of that what you will


We apologise for what happened and we regret to learn that you have decided to cancel the service. We have forwarded your message to our Complaints Resolution Team and we have advised the Case Manager to reply to your email.


Kindly await further updates within the day.