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Moving to TPG NBN from iiNet

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Hi , recently moving to TPG from iinet NBN, wonder if i should be changing the setting with my home Hub, initially was nbn box --> port switch --> router, since I'm on TPG few days ago, only 1 socket of the cable data seems connecting, is that something i need to change on the sequence of the port switch and TPG router? thanks


Good day @rickytse0309.


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Do you mean that your port switch is connected directly to the NBN box? And where is the cable data connected which is working? Is it on the router or port switch.


I would like to analyze it further as you can only get the internet connection when your router is connected directly to the NBN box as it is the medium who can be configured to authenticate to the server. Unless, your port switch has that ability.


Please provide us more information about your set up.


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