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No Internet

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Connected July 20 ... no internet July 21 ... none since, TPG have contacted me and I have changed settings on modem, no good, phone call from TPG last night to advise that they have made some changes and to reboot modem ... still no good. I see others have had the problem corrected by the NBN team.


Why do i not get a call from TPG to ask if anything has improved after your changes to connection and susequent reboot of modem/router? I bet I will get charged for the days I am without connection.


How the hell does this happen with a brand new connection to our area and why is it not seen to immediately.

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same case like me and everyone if you check on the forum 




Hi @jonah3957,


Welcome to the community!


I was able to pull up the account using your community details and ran initial tests.


It shows your service is currently connected for 7h 48m and getting a passing speed on the line.


I'd like to know on which particular device(s) you experience the dropouts.




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TPG corrected the situation today and am going again. Thought I would have needed to reboot modem but no, all good. Pretty happy with response.

Wow! That escalated quickly. I am glad to know that your service is now working fine.

Enjoy the service and do not hesitate to post a thread in case you will need help.

Have a lovely night!