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Moving your TPG services: What you need to know


An increasing number of customers are taking NBN equipment with them when they move to a new house. This is not only with TPG but customers with any NBN provider.


Between 50-60% of all NBN equipment (e.g. NBN Connection Box) is removed when customers move to a new house. This causes multiple concerns such as:


  • Longer wait times for new customers moving in
  • Unnecessary replacement costs
  • Environmental waste


What is NBN equipment?

NBN equipment is installed at a premises to deliver the specific NBN technology available at that address. Unlike your WiFi router, NBN equipment is the property of NBN Co and won’t automatically operate at a different address.


In a nutshell, any equipment with an NBN logo on it needs to remain at the premises when you move out.

This includes the NBN Connection Box (NTU, NTD etc.) and any power or telephone cables connected to it.


When you contact your ISP about a relocation, they will check what type of service is available at your new address and make arrangements for any equipment that you need.


What does the NBN FTTP equipment look like?





What does the NBN™ HFC equipment look like?


HFC 1.pngHFC 2.png

Image source:



What does NBN™ Fixed Wireless equipment look like?


Fixed Wireless.png




What does the NBN™ FTTC equipment look like?



















Important things to remember


  • NBN equipment is the property of NBN Co and should not be taken or to be sold independently. Reselling the hardware is tantamount to theft.
  • NBN equipment will not automatically work at a different address. Taking the equipment with you will most likely slow down your connection process.
  • To sum it up, the best thing to do is to contact your ISP in order to be advised accordingly regarding the process of relocating your NBN service.



Here are some scenarios to help you understand which equipment you should and shouldn’t take with you when you move.

Scenario 1:

Janet is currently on NBN HFC. She then called her respective ISP and confirmed that NBN HFC will be available at her new address.

Q: Should Janet bring her NBN HFC equipment with her?


A: No, she should not bring the NBN HFC equipment with her.

Even if you’re moving to an address with the same NBN technology, the equipment from your old address won’t work there. NBN equipment is configured to a specific address. Your ISP will organise any NBN equipment you need at your new address.



Scenario 2:

Jai found out that the NBN Connection Box was missing after moving in at his new address.


Q: Can Jai bring his old NBN Connection Box to his new address as there isn’t one available at his new place?


A: No, he should report the missing NBN Connection Box to his ISP so they can organise a replacement.

We will raise it directly with NBN Co and arrange a replacement. The sooner it’s reported, the sooner we can get your address connected.



Scenario 3:

Emma has already moved to her new address however, the NBN equipment is missing.

Emma checks out NBN equipment online and found some people selling the hardware.


Q: Should Emma purchase the NBN equipment to get connected?

A: No, she doesn’t need to purchase anything. She can call her ISP to organise a replacement.


Reselling NBN equipment is tantamount to theft, and it’s done by some very dishonest people – not only is a purchase unnecessary, the NBN equipment won’t automatically work at your new address, so you’d have to contact your ISP anyway to sort out the problem.



Scenario 4:

Flint had an NBN Fixed Wireless service at their old address and now they are moving to a different address which has the same technology. A mate says they should take the antenna off the roof to put up at their new place.


Q: Should Flint take their old antenna to their new address?

A: No, only a licensed NBN technician can install antennas and determine the line of sight needed for the NBN service.





More information is also available on the nbn™ website: