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NBN Civil works not completed but TPG scheduled connection appointment with NBN ('after checking with NBN')

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I am due to have NBN set up for account number ******* in our beach house Sandy Point Victoria.

We already had one appointment with an NBN guy here who said we needed to install connection inside house to outside and conduit to nature strip AND that NBN need to do civil works. We had already told TPG there was no connection of any sort to the house but they insisted on this NBN appointment anyway,

Now we had the local electrician put the phone point in the house and conduit to the street and informed TPG who have scheduled another appointment with NBN. BUT having come for a visit this weekend we can clearly see the civil works have not been done, and this despite the fact we asked TPG to check with NBN before scheduling the next appointment. My husband is supposed to take a day off work to come down here on wednesday for what I suspect will be another waste of everybody's time because the civil works have not been done. There is no NBN to our nature strip  to connect our house to. How do I get NBN and TPG to coordinate this in a sensible way?? 



Hi @sheridanmayo


I believe that the case manager has confirmed by phone previously that no civil work/s is/are required and it has been confirmed by our delivery partner. Hence, the appointment on the 23rd March should complete the service activation. 


Let me know if you need anything else.