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NBN Connection not happening

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I am one of the unlucky few who are unable to connect to NBN without having NBN attend my address.


I thought it was magic that my area is FTTC and available from early January 2019. Unfortunately, when NBN were installing the network in the street, they got a few houses mixed up in the a few, I'd say alot. As a result, no straight forward NBN connection for me. In fact, it kind of worked for about 6 days before it cut off. Back and forth with TPG has resulted in 2x rescheduled NBN appointments with one of them, the NBN ccontractor just not showing up. How convenient. Rescheduled again....which will be in total just over 5 weeks from when it should've been working from.


Now, I am not at all confident that NBN will turn up again on that day. It's a common problem where they just don't attend. However, after searching around, if you have a problem with NBN not showing, make sure you ask for a morning appointment and you will have more chance of getting a successfull attendance.


If they miss the next appointment (3rd one), I will be cancelling the NBN installation and contract and waiting until NBN fix all of the problems in the area. I cannot deal with a 4th appointment and having to take time off again. I'm not blaming TPG apart from the scripted NBN provisioning and support teams but even then, it's out of their control. TPG are as helpful as they can be I suppose.


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