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NBN FTTC availability to all units of a building?

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I have recently updated to TPG FTTC NBN in my building. Its working great-download speeds gone from 12-14 to 95+!  However, others in our 13 unit building are getting a 'more work to be done' message when applying for TPG NBN. I checked all unit addresses and it seems that 6 units are ok  and 7 are not. All phone lines come from one box which is connected to the NBN pit I think. Any thoughts? Maybe an NBN mistake?



Hi @0415869469,


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We source all of our data for upcoming NBN releases directly from NBNCo. We acknowledge that these dates are subject to change and unfortunately often do.



Please PM us the complete address so we can look into this.


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Hi @0415869469, thanks for providing the details via PM.

Our initial inquiry with NBNCo suggests those addresses were originally scheduled for an April 2019 release, however now won't have access to NBN until June 2020. No specific reason was provided other than there is further work required on the network infrastructure. Unfortunately these delays do occur and regrettably we are unable to influence the release of NBNCo network.

Owners and renters may register their interest here: and we can contact them once the NBN becomes available.



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wow, thats seriously wierd!  I will pass on info to rest of building. 


Also, I cant see how to change username!  




Thanks @0415869469.


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