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NBN FTTC suddenly no internet (DPU fault maybe?)

Level 2

I had nbn installed on 11/4/2020 and it was going fine but few days later i suddenly had no internet. i tried plugging the ncd into different phone sockets, tried different phone cables, resetting and power cycling both ncd and modem but no luck at all. on the ncd i only have the power and chain light on, both solid blue, just no dsl and internet light. i suspect maybe a fault on the dpu. can you please send a technician out for me. 


Hi Toycrane,

I noticed your case has been escalated to our NBN service delivery, You will need contacted for a tech visit



Level 2

I have already waited for more than 24 hours, was told in the beginning i will be contacted within 24 hours but still have not had any calls or text messages from them.