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NBN HFC Installation Cancelled by NBN co.

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Took the day off work (13/01/2021) only to wait for the NBN technician who did not show up. Had to call TPG to find out the appointment was cancelled by NBN co. but they had a technician capacity issue. The lack of communication is shocking.

Now my install date is rescheduled to the 23/03/2021, yes that's right 2 months away. This is the same as waiting in line, get to the front, not get served. Then told to get back to the back of the line.
This is ridiculous!

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We've successfully located your account using your community details and understand that you've been in touch with our Provisioning team.

Your case manager was able to get an earlier date for the installation of your service. Further updates will be given as soon as an update becomes available.