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NBN HFC with only Google Wifi

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Hi everyone,


Today we had an NBN technician install HFC in our apartment. Our new black nbn HFC modem is shining solid green lights in all four dots. We have connected a Google Wifi router directly to the nbn HFC modem via the ethernet cable. We can receive a wifi signal from the Google Wifi router. However - no internet! The customer service teams at both TPG and Google have patiently walked us through entering PPPoE details, restarting the modem, restarting the router etc. etc. ... but alas I write to you now while tethering from my phone.


Has anyone had success connecting directly from Arris NBN modem -> Google Wifi point over TPG? If so - any tips?


If not, are we required to connect from Arris NBN modem -> [some cheap modem/router] -> Google Wifi point? And if so, why is that?


Appreciate greatly any assistance.






Hi @nedcpr89 


Welcome to TPG Community!


The TPG NBN HFC requires a modem/router that can support VLAN setting, which your Google WiFi is lacking.


If you ordered the NBN service with TPG, we always provide a free NBN modem/router which will only cost you $10 for the shipping fee. This modem/router is preconfigured and can be used as the base of your connection if you are going to use your Google WiFi.


There's a previous discussion with this kind of case before. Please refer to this link.