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NBN Installation completion messages.

Level 2

Has anyone received from TPG Mobile a non-sensical message relating to NBN installation being completed?  I am tired of false messages from TPG like this.  The call has been registered as a complaint.  Their call centre, as usual, is unable to assist with this type of thing.  No response to this post is required, I am just fed up with their so called 'Service'.


Level 3

Yes, I got one too to my mobile which is with a different provider. Only have NBN and land line with TPG. I did a screenshot and emailed to customer relations. I suspected that it is a scam.

Level 2

Yep I got one this morning too.  Weird.  Add me to the list of people who think it's a scam.


Hi adslnhgc, CrazyDiamond, and Justanotheruser,


We've investigated the concerns you've all raised and have found out that the messages you received is a notification that has been delayed for an extended period of time. The notification is for when you have previously requested to change your plan.  We assure the message is from us here at TPG, it’s just a little late. With that in mind, there is nothing to worry about and you can just ignore the message.

Level 3

Thanks Mel for clarifying. Appreciated.