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NBN Installation silence after issue "escalated" to NBNCo

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What do you have to do to get TPG to follow up with NBNCo? 


Last week the TPG "technician" told me that they would escalate my installation to NBNCo and responses usually took 24-48 hours. A week has now passed with nothing but silence. When I check My Installation, it says it's scheduled for September the 8th, which was the last time an installation guy came out, but it didn't get connected.


What do I have to do? Have been waiting a month, having to work from home because of the pandemic, and am tetherting through my phone (which is with Optus because TPG can't manage to activate my number). Has anyone ever actually had TPG call them for anything other than an escalated complaint?


Hi @georginal27 , please send us a private message with your TPG customer ID, username and complete address so we can pull up the account and help with your concern.


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community