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Switch from TPG FTTB to NBN FTP

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Hello TPG Team,


We have TPG FTTB connection for some years now but recently NBN co. came and installed fibre to the premise now we have both connections in the building.


Over time the FTTB connection has become less and less reliable especially when it rains what we would like to do is switch over to the FTP connection now.


What I am wondering is what the process to do this would be? preferably we would like to have the FTP connection running before turning off the FTTB connection also would there be any costs involved with switching across? 





Hi @Zellcorp


Welcome to the Community!


In order to process your request to change your service from TPG FTTB to NBN FTTP, we would like to arrange a call from our Plan change team to check on the details and discuss this further.

Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.