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NBN Internet Fee

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Hi Everyone,

I recently signed up for TPG NBN Internet. Recently being yesterday and they immediately took out payment for this. I was made aware that there would be the advance payment of a month’s fee which is $69.99.

Firstly, the website still shows as my payment being in the processing stage and secondly, I’ve been charged $399.99, not $69.99!

We live in a brand new apartment building and have the NBN box set up already. So I don’t see why I’ve been charged such a massive amount.

Anybody know why?

Thanks guys.

Hi B@wjspak1992, 


Welcome to TPG Community! 


I've searched for your account using your Community details and was able to find a match. 


When you purchase our Standard Plus on an 18 months lock in contract, the minimum charge takes into account the following items:

  1. Your first month plan of $69.99.
  2. A $10 delivery fee for the modem that we send out.
  3. A $20 pre-payment for calls which are not included as part of the bundle.
  4. Additional once off $300 nbn™ New Development Fee applies if your premises is identified by nbn™ as being within the site boundary of a new development.

The $300 New Development Fee (NDF) is charged for all nbn™ broadband connections (FTTP, FTTB, FTTN, FTTC, HFC and Wireless) in the following circumstances:

  • The first connection at a premises identified by nbn™ as being within the site boundary of a new development.
  • The first connection(s) at a premises in an established area where a developer has increased the number of dwellings on the same plot of land e.g. demolished a single house and built a block of units.

Once the NDF has been charged at an address, it will not be charged again for subsequent connections, provided the number of dwellings at that address has not increased. At TPG, we pass on the full $300 NDF charge as billed by our wholesaler, nbn™. These charges are clearly visible when applying for a service - they are also included in any Critical Information Summary for nbn™ broadband plans sold after 1 April 2016, and the TPG terms and conditions.


I hope this would clarify things. For any other concern you want us to know, please let us know.



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Thank you Erika for the very detailed clarification. Everything makes sense.

You're most welcome @wjspak1992