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NBN New development fee even with an NTD

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So here is the background. I moved from an apartment with a TTB to a NBN only apartment. The new apartment was serviced by Gigafy (who is sorta provides internet to the whole building that can be subscribed). Since I was with TPG for almost 5 yrs and liked to continue with them I opted to get a NBN connection to the new building. 

But after an hour long and signing up for NBN in the new address my card was charged $300 more and when I called up to inquire about it I was told that it is the NBN new development fee. Since I wasn't told about this during the original call and was not too keen on spending $300 on a rental property I requested for a refund which happened without an issue.


Well I moved in to the new place and signed up with gigafy. A couple of days ago I saw the below in a cupboard.20191011_075956.jpg If I am not wrong this is the same as this . Now I got a couple of questions


1. Can TPG uptilise this NTD to provide their NBN connection?

2. If yes, they why was I charged a new dev fee which eventually made me go with a different provider.


Hi @vkharibabu


From what I gathered, your address was tagged as Service Class 3 which means that an NTD box was already installed at the address.


However, based on NBNCo's records, the Location ID of your address is in a new development. On top of that, it was also noted that no Connect Order for the Location ID has been completed yet,hence the reason for the $300 New Development Charge (NDC) fee.


It was unfortunate that you are unable to continue your service with us. I do hope that you'll reconsider us in the future.