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NBN address not registered

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I've moved into a new house on a subdivided block. I'm currently on ADSL with TPG and would like to switch over to the NBN as I see it's ready for service in my area. However, my exact address isn't registered in the NBN database and the NBN website says to contact an ISP to get my address registered.


However, when I contacted TPG, they said I need to submit a new development application to NBN, but that process asked me for plans etc for building a house which I dont have as the house is already built (by a different person who sold me the house).


I checked this website: and this shows a dot for my house (as well as the other houses on the subdivided block). 


Could someone please help?





Hi @twinepete83,


Welcome to the community!


Soon all of Australia will be connected up to the NBN however this is a huge undertaking and there are many factors involved during the initial roll out phase


The availability depends if the area has been rolled-out by NBN Technology. TPG do not have any control with the roll out.


We recommend to use only the official website of NBN Co. for accurate information about NBN roll out. (


TPG will be happy to contact you once NBN is ready at your address, simply register your details here:

Let us know should you require further assistance.

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When I use the official nbn website and look at the map. It lists my whole area (including my street) as ready for service using HFC. It lists the disconnection date for adsl as October 2020

Hi @twinepete83,


However, your exact address or location is not registered with NBN Co.


You need to register your address with NBN Co in order for them to install the necessary equipment to provide you with the NBN service.


You may complete the Pre-Qualification form online at or search Register your new development on the nbn website.




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Hi Basil

That was the point of my first post. The new development application requires plans for building a house. However, my house is already built and I don’t have required details listed in point 3 of the guide (3. Your development details and plans (Lead-in Conduits (LIC), pit and pipe or pathways)).

I note that the NBN website says to contact an ISP if my address is not registered on their database.

Hi @twinepete83,


We've already raised your address with NBN Co last April 2019 and that was the update that they've provided us.


If you are unable to receive any information from their support team via Phone call, then you might try to email their Complaints department at for further discussion to register your address.