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NBN battery died

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Hi there,

My NBN battery has died with installation being just over a year ago. I've heard they have a two year warranty, is this still the case?

Hi @edwardsca96 ,


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We're able to retrieve your account using your community details. The NBN battery back up has a 2-year warranty from the time it was installed.


We've checked the battery status using our NBN tool and it does not show to be faulty. Replacing the backup battery is optional and is done at your own cost.


This community article may be of help, NBN backup battery (Fibre to the Premises Only)


Let us know if you require further assistance.


Best regards!

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Sorry, it hasn't died yet... It's just coming up with the replace battery light. The house is just over a year old and I assume it was installed around the same time. Is this particular issue covered under warranty?

Hi @edwardsca96,


As per NBN co., when it’s time to replace the battery, you will see a red light appear next to the ‘Replace Battery’ marker on the nbn™ connection box. You’ll also hear an alarm tone, which will beep every 15 minutes to indicate your battery needs replacing. Four beeps per minute means there’s less than half of the battery charge remaining.


For more information regarding battery warning lights and tones, please refer to the nbn™ Fibre User Guide.


If possible, avoid turning your main power on and off as this will significantly reduce your battery life. This also applies if you’re disconnecting the Power Supply unit for a significant amount of time.




If your battery does need replacing within the first 24 months, you will need to purchase a new battery that matches the specifications below and then supply the following to :

  • Tax invoice/receipt/remittance advice of the new battery
  • The serial number of the old battery (for NBN Co’s records)

Please note that the cost covered will be up to $30.00.




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Correct, this is happening. I believe we've had one power outage and it wasn't very long and the power hasn't been off since. Given the warning is coming up to replace the battery, I assume this will need to replaced, however I noticed on the website provided on the battery the price of a new battery of that spec is $39.90, is there any reason why this isn't fully covered?

Hi @edwardsca96,


The NBN Battery usually cost around $20.00 to $50.00 depending on the brand, capacity and quality and please be advised that we will cover up to $30 only. Using google, we are able to locate battery that cost $24.99.