NBN connection

Level 2

I have taken new TPG connection on 16th March and Modem was delivered on 19th. Since then, I have been waiting for TPG to activate broadband services. However, every day when I check the below link , I see the message that  " Your installation is progressing".




How long it will take for TPG to activate services. It's awful that I have been not able to work at all due to connection not activated by TPG.

Also, there is no customer support available. I have waited for almost 5 hours for online chat , but still no one was available from TPG to support.

Can someone give me a timeframe by when I can expect this installation to be completed.


Hi @prerna


For customers who would like to check the status of their service installation/activation, we have created this community article, which contains a video on How to track your TPG service installation


We also send an email notification once the service is activated. If you have received this email and the service is still not working, we recommend to check if the equipment is properly set up by going to this link :New Connection Setup Help


In your case, we've booked an NBN technician that will finalise the installation/activation of your NBN service. Further updates will be given by your NBN case manager once available.