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NBN dropouts - server failure - iphone not recognising nbn wi-fi -ethernet on PC dropping out 30secs

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Further to my previous post about dropouts; PC ethernet dropping out after about 30 seconds; and, iphones having trouble recognising the nbn wi-fi, I just found my Smart TV is having the same problem . It drops out or can't even log on. I tested it by connecting it directly to the TPG modem with an ethernet cable and the same thing happens. When it drops out it gives a message to say there is a server error.  This has happened from the begining of my NBN connection.  I have tried attaching another modem to bypass wi-fi & ethernet on the TPG supplied modem and that wi-fi exhibits the same problems both wi-fi & ethernet connection.


Hi @PeterNBN 


We are still waiting for your TPG credentials to be sent via PM for us to check your service.

We really want to help turn your experience around. Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.