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NBN installation completed but not working

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We had a NBN technician coming over yesterday to setup a NBN HFC connection. NBN connection box is correctly connected and displays 4 green lights. The modem (VR1600v) is connected to the NBN box via the ewan port. However only the power, 2.4G, 5G and WAN lights are on and non-flashing. We have received an email from TPG confirming that the connection was complete. I have rebooted the modem multiple times but it didn't help. It almost seems as the modem doesn't configure itself.
I haven't reached out technical services on the phone yet. Any help would be very welcomed.

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Hi @rokeby3015 ,


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We've created an article for the NBN HFC General Setup.


If you can confirm that the cables are on the right port, then try to press the reset button on the NBN NTD Box (Arris Box) and your TP-Link modem for 30 secs each.


Once done, observe the lights on both devices as the NBN NTD box should show all solid lights. The TP-Link modem will configure itself and shoukd provide internet service after a few minutes.


If the internet light is still not showing on the modem, please get back to us and will run further test with your NBN service.


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Hi @rokeby3015, we'd like to know if you have already set up the equipment properly.


Should you need further assistance, please PM us your best contact number and most convenient time to receive a call.


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community - TPG Community

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@Riezl Apologies for the delayed reply and thanks for following up.
- I have rebooted both the router and the connection box -> no improvement.
- I have also reset both of them using the reset holes as suggested above -> No improvement.

Still 4 solid green lights on NBN connection box and solid lights for Power, WIFIs, and WAN on router.

Will PM you.

Kind regards

Thanks for providing your contact details via PM, @rokeby3015.


We have arranged a technical specialist to contact you tomorrow, between 9am and 12pm NSW time for further troubleshooting.


Let us know should you need any assistance. Thank you.