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NBN installation process needs improvement

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Just venting out my frustration..


I have been scheduled for NBN installation twice.. 3 Dec and 23 Dec, on those occasion I needed to be off work and on those occasion issues was discovered causing my installation not progress.


I understand that issues does arise but can we please make sure that all is working as expected before schedules are made? An address check is not enough to see if issues will cause any delay to the installation.


I was also not happy with the technician discovering the issue on my second scheduled day.. he came a day early only to discover another problem but only reported said issue the next day on my actual scheduled day and just minutes after my actual installation time.


Hi @Rykhardo ,


Welcome to the community!

We apologise for the delay in installing your NBN service.

Every effort is made to install the service within the initial installation date however we acknowledge that from time to time there are unforeseen delays which can unfortunately lead to appointments being rescheduled.


We're able to locate your account using your community details and we've seen that the installation of the service is now handled by one of our Provisioning Case Manager. Based on the latest update this has been escalated to NBN Co. and we're currently awaiting for NBN update.


We'll chase this with our Provisioning Team, updates will be provided when it becomes available.



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Hi Shane,



Thanks for looking into my case.


Anyway, just recieved an update through sms


TPG: NBN Co has moved the estimated resolution date for your application. We'll pass on updates as the become available.


When is the date of the resolultion? Its now 27 days since my first scheduled connection date. The tech that tried to do the installation said NBN Co just need to do a splicing of the connection since there are active and working connection in the same pit where my connection is said to be located.






Hi @Rykhardo


Thanks for getting back.


We've checked the updates that we received from NBN Co and their Technician reported that he is not getting no/poor signal/light/reading on SMP(service management platform)-Very Low Signals-No FDH (fiber distribution hub) as its pre-patched, hence a network defect has been identified preventing activation of your service.

Continuity of service has not been obtained at all relevant points along the NBN connection due to irregularities in the light readings along the network. This has been assigned to the NBN workforce to assess, attend and resolve the issue on-site.


There's no ETR that was given to us as the case is quite complex, which they require more time to work to resolve the fault.


Updates will be given as soon as it becomes available.


We apologise for the inconvenience.



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Hi @BasilDV 


Thanks for the response.


So nothing else can be done until all is fixed? We just have to sit and wait and not have internet for god knows how long!!!!!


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Already cancelled my order... and no offering an alternative connection 28 days later after I decided to cancel will not make me stay. k tnx bye!


We're sad to know that you have decided to cancel your service with us. Further details will be provided by our Account Specialists Team via email. Let us know should you require further assistance. Cheers!