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NBN installation process

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We have requested new NBN installation and have been advised that a technician will be inattendance on 16th August. NBN have advised us in writing that our internet and phone services will be permanently disconnected on 10th August. Is there any way we can urgently get a technician this week before the termination of our phone line occurs? My very senior parents living at this address are in their eighties and cannot use a mobile phone if this happens. They are extremely concerned they will not have any connection with emergency services if needed between the 10th August and the time when TPG re-connects their phone line. Please help.


Hi peterbamford


Welcome to TPG Community! 


I've managed to check your account and it shows that you have spoken to one of our specialists regarding your query. There is a possibility of the disconnection since the notification came directly from NBN but we'll check this further.


The initial date provided is the earliest date available provided to us by our wholesale partner NBN™ Co. We can have a look to see if we can schedule you in with an earlier time however, we cannot guarantee this as we work with our suppliers to provide this particular service, which means we are also reliant on their scheduling. Nevertheless, I'll send a request if we can expedite the installation. 


We'll keep a close eye on your case and will provide updates where possible. 



Thank you! 




Level 1c

Hi Ahra


Thank you for your reply. We would very much appreciate if there is any way to urgently bring forward the installation date by the technician. NBN have emailed to say they are standing by their termination date for the disconnection of current services on the 10th August, and have advised us to consult with yourselves to find an interim solution. Any assistance would be gratefully received. Thank you for your help.


You're very welcome, peterbamford


I have escalated this matter at hand and rest assured that we'll be in touch to update you with the progress. 





Good day, peterbamford


Great news! We have moved your appointment to an earlier date which is on 13 August 2018. You are not required to be at home during the installation. You may also check the email address registered on our system for reference. 


Should you have further queries, please don't hesitate to let us know.