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NBN modem - pickup/delivery

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I pre signed up to the NBN last night as it wont be available until later in the month. During the signup process upon choosing the modem, it said there would be a $10 delivery fee for the modem. THough in fine print, it also stated that this is waived if you decided to pick it up from North Ryde. However, there was no option to select the pick up. I am close to North Ryde and is a much faster option than waiting for it to be delivered. Can I still pick it up rather than wait for delivery?


Hi @Joe_a,


For customers to connect their devices to TPG NBN Bundled services, an NBN compatible modem is required and a standard phone handset to use their included voice service.


A compatible 4 Port Wi-Fi Modem Router is included in every TPG NBN Bundled services and $10 Delivery fee applies if equipment is not collected from TPG’s Head Office.


For customers who opt to have the modem delivered, we will send you an email and SMS confirmation containing important delivery information once the modem is shipped. We have created this article on How To Check TPG Modem Delivery Status


In your case, we have already tagged the modem for pick up.




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So I can pick this modem up at anytime from now and from where? Do I need to bring anything with me?


Hi @Joe_a, please wait for the NBN order to be processed before you pick up the modem.


You will receive notification via email regarding this.


You need to bring a valid id and provide your account details in order to pick up the equipment.

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What timeframe are we looking at for my order to be processed?

Hi @Joe_a,


We are happy to inform you that the NBN order has been lodged and the installation date has been confirmed. To view further details regarding the installation date, please check your email.


It also appears that you have already received the modem.


We have created an article on How to track your TPG service installation


We also send notification via email once the service is installed and activated.


If you have received this email and the service is still not working, we recommend to check if the equipment is properly set up and we have created setup guides for all technologies that TPG use : New Connection Setup Help


Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

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My NBN connection was completed on Friday 6th, and soon after connecting, I received an email stating, 'A credit of $55.16 for the unused portion of your existing TPG service has been applied to your account, less any plan change fee and early termination fee (if applicable).'


I have just checked my account statement and it doesn't appear.