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NBN not working for 1 month

Level 2

I had signed up for NBN internet last month on the 21st of February however once I received the router that was provided by TPG, the internet did not work.

After a few days of going back and forth with TPG the issue was identified - NBN Connection Serial Number Mismatch.


Most of the time I called TPG for an update for when I could finally have internet I was told I would be contact in 24-48 hours. Most of the time I was never contacted... I had to call to get an update which was often "I have escalated this issue and you will hear back in 24-48 hours."


3 weeks later and this is still the case. I do not have internet. I have also been charged for a following month of internet.


I have tried to be nice and understanding with all of the TPG technicians I have spoken to but this has been going on for far too long. I have provided all of the files that were required to prove my residential address.


Can anyone please help me on fixing this serial mismatch issue as quickly as possible and getting a refund of the money that was taken from my account when I did not have an internet connection established.



Thanks for raising this with us @kjshergill.


We'd like to look into your account for better understanding of the situation.

Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.