NBN set up not working

Level 2

So I've had a few issues with the NBN set up and my phone line. The phone was crackling and the NBN wouldn't work and so TPG sent out a technician who found it was water damage in the lines outside. They sent another person who fixed it and I got a text saying I needed to activate the NBN modem. I did, and it still isn't working. The lights are flashing, except for one, and there's a clicking noise. I sat on the phone for half an hour and the person said I needed to talk to a case manager and transferred me, but then the voice on hold said there were too many people so it hung up on me. I tried calling again but an hour in and nothing.
Any help from someone would be great.

Welcome to TPG Community,

Could you PM (Private message) me your customer ID, username, service address or mobile number so I can check the status here.


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