NBN speed

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Hi, I have recently connected NBN and as per my plane Maximum speed my address can receive = 109Mbps
Maximum speed of the NBN50 plan i have chosen = 50Mbps.
But unfortunately as per speed test, the download speed is 19.6mbps and upload is 3.0 mbps.
Not Happy me 🤭

@hemrajghaley the speed test result is indeed slow for the plan and type of technology used to deliver NBN.


Have you tried switching off the wireless and connecting a PC directly to the modem for testing purposes? Sometimes the devices connected to the network and the gadgets or structure around us affect the wireless connection speed.


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Joseph D

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Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the mail, mine is FTTC nbn connection not HFC nbn connection so I guess may be because of this my internet speed is low. Do I need to do HFC nbn connection for better internet speed? Please suggest me.

Kind regards

Switching to a different type of NBN Technology is not possible @hemrajghaley. There  can only be one type of NBN technology that can be rolled out in a certain area. 


Nevertheless, I can have one of our Technical team to contact and assist you to check what's causing the low download speed. 


Could you please send your best contact time & number via private message so we can organise a call back to be made for you? 


We'll wait for your response. 




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Thanks for the mail, I will be home on Sunday March 24,2019 (whole day) and on Monday March 25,2019 from 12 pm if you would like to send the technician.


Hi @hemrajghaley


We have requested for a Sr Technician to call you on Sunday.


Be reminded though that we are not sending a technician out since we're not detecting any issues with the network. Instead, someone will call you to assist you over the phone to check why you're getting a slow connection.


In addition, I suggest that you try testing the speed of your connection with computer/laptop connected directly to the modem to determine if the problem you're having is WIFI-related only. If the connection speed is good with a device connected using ethernet cord, then, I suggest you check this link on how to improve your WIFI speed.