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NBN stopped, TPG stopped, NO internet

Level 2
No internet lights on my Tp link wifi router. When I called NBN, they said the provider has stopped the internet service at midnight and the provider is SUPERLOOP not TPG (????). However, I registered and paid to TPG all this time. I even got an email from TPG Internet regarding my NBN cancellation request until 22/1/24 not today Smiley Happy . Why was it canceled today? Or what is the main problem here? I need ASAP. Please message me as I can’t private message on yours cause it said Access Denied.
Level 7

That's not the way to pm a mod! A mod will seee this post anyway in due course and provide a reply.

Level 2
yeah that’s my point actually so they will know that I can’t message them

Hi @nitatji


You should be able to send a PM now as we can see that you have reached Level 2 in the community.