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I switched from ADSL to NBN on 7th December. On 24th December I got an email saying I was close to reaching my data allowance. The next day I got another email saying I had reached my limit and my speed would be amended.

As far as I am aware, I’m on the same plan/data allowance that I was on before I switched to NBN.

In the almost 3 years of me having the internet connected I have never not once 1) been warned about going over 2) actually gone over

I haven’t don’t anything different in the past 2 weeks...just continued using the internet like I normally would.

My connection is password protected obviously and I have since changed it just in case someone else was using it but I highly doubt that is the case

Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone have a possible answer as to why this might have happened?
Level 3
Level 3

Have you logged into your TPG MYAccount to view your internet sessions.


This will give you an idea on when your data is being utilised the most.