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NBN connected and working but TPG still insisting on an installation

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I am very frustrated with our not-so-smooth transition moving houses and going from ADSL to NBN.



We  put through the move and NBN request - and awaited our modem from TPG. 


Once we received our modem we plugged it in to the NBN boxes that are already installed in the home as per instructions received.

Once we had paid the $300 new development charge - the green lights came on the ports and the internet was connected and working. 


The internet is running beautifully fast (over 60mbps download speed at peak hour) and we have had no interruptions to our connection.


Low and behold TPG have contacted us to schedule an appointment for a NBN technitian to come to our home and install.... something... who knows what - because the TPG customer service representative certainly did not know. 


I have now called TPG on numerous occasions to try and figure this out - why is a technitian required when everything is connected and working? 


One TPG CSR even tried to convince me that we are using ADSL right now - not NBN! There is no ADSL available at this property. 

Another advised that we are likely using a previous tenants ISP internet - this is also incorrect - we are the first tenants to live in this new property - and the speed test online shows TPG as the ISP. 


The main issue I have is that my partner and I work the same hours, and there is no time frame for the "installation" that we will ever be able to attend - unless we take annual leave from work.


Can anyone suggest a resolution? I am very happy with the internet, speeds etc. I do not see why we need anything to change to it. 



Good day @rachelvz,


Welcome to TPG Community.


I have raised this with our Provisioning team and they will be in contact within the day to provide us more information on the installation of your NBN service.


Kind regards,